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We are just like you
Most of us came to the U.S. in our 20s and went through what you are experiencing now in the immigration processes. We know the importance of your immigration status and every step that brings you closer to the goal of success.

Absolutely creative and valuable site you can’t miss
This is the first web site to collect the rewarding and detailed information that you care the most from a totally different perspective. We offer discounts and even free options. We like to assist you in at least two most critical aspects: low cost and risk management. Of course, you will get more valuable resources for your everyday concerns in immigration because we know what you want and we directly tell you our expertise of how to prepare applications in plain language. Check out this website for some great advice imn

Become an informed applicant
As you know, your immigration application is such an important issue, but finding an immigration expert in reality is never as easy as buying a car or purchasing a computer. Why? You are not knowledgable in immigration and investor visa issues you do not know what to ask and compare. You do not need to be a “rocket scientist” to understand the immigration law. Our website will save you a lot of time and effort in understanding the immigration process. We believe that doing your “home work” should start before you consult an immigration expert.

Strategies for your own resources
We are confident to say that the sections of Risk Management (including hot issues in “Gold-digging campaign”) and General information are helpful for your decision-making. At the same time, you’d better surf through other related sections in order to get solid understandings and make tough decisions. BCA

Trade off between low cost and risk
Obtaining the green card within a relatively short period of time is a challenge to everyone. Having gone through the detailed instructions, you might make the choice of doing it by yourself or getting assistance from us at a minimal cost. Because you already almost know how to do it or where you need professional help and what the right questions are to ask. Just like anything else, immigration and visa applications have risks involved. Poor communication with immigration experts, misunderstanding of official information, wrong interpretation of INS or Labor processing time are all potential causes for risks. Everyone has a different level of risk tolerance. Some type of risks tolerable to everyone might be intolerable to you because of your special situation. Since there is a different level of risk from almost none to very high involved for every case no matter who represents your case, you have to become an informed applicant or at least know the big picture especially when the green card becomes something difficult to acquire in recent years.

It is more prudent to retain someone who went through and really understands your situation.

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